Organic, plant-based dinners 3 nights a week

Ready to serve in 10 minutes

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How It Works


Pick your box size for a party (or appetite) of 2-3 or of 4-5.


We’ll deliver a box right to your doorstep. You’ll put it right in the fridge.


Dinners arrive mise en place. Add finishing touches in 20 minutes. Plate and enjoy.

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What you get

  • 3 delicious, plantbased, organic meals

  • Served in 10 minutes

  • No extra shopping required

  • Sustainable packaging without plastics or Styrofoam

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Menu for week 45

Pan-Roasted Gnocchi with Sage and Pumpkin Puree

served with Pointed Cabbage-Chickpea Salad and Zucchini Cream with Green Beans

Red Curry with Warm Rice and Quinoa

served with Teriyaki Vegetable Skewers and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Mushroom Bourguignon and Mashed Potatoes

served with Gremolata and a Fennel-Celery Salad with Pickled Tomatoes and Flax Seeds