About Simple Feast

What we're fighting for

At Simple Feast we believe in living a sustainable life full of wonderful flavors and experiences around the dinner table. Our plant-based meal solutions are rooted in our commitment to making life easier and better for you, your children, and the planet we all share.

Simple Feast takes you on a journey toward a future where the power and flavors of plants are the focus of our meals. Through inspiring and delightful taste experiences, we can help move people’s eating habits in a more sustainable direction. We believe that together we can stop climate change and ensure the future of our planet for the generations to come. This is the future.

Let’s Save the Planet – Feast by Feast.

Our story

Simple Feast was founded in 2014 with the vision of getting more Danes to make more meals at home. We wanted to go back to the primordial tradition of sharing food with family and friends.

We started with an app of hundreds of recipes from some of the world’s finest chefs. However, we soon recognized how many Danes today have limited time for cooking and the need for everyday meals that are quick and easy to prepare. So in March 2017, we decided to cook the food for you on the days you didn’t have time to do it yourself. At that time, our dishes contained up to 20% meat.

Even then we knew what kind of food we should be making. We had read far too much to not know. Climate report after climate report had long since made an indelible impression on us. We knew that a plant-based diet would reduce our climate footprint by 60% to 80%, depending on the method of calculation. We knew that the single action of embracing a plant-based diet held the potential to be our generation’s greatest contribution to ourselves and for generations to come. Ultimately, we took the plunge, and on Nov. 1, 2017, we said goodbye to meat and welcomed the explosive world of plants and their flavors.

The team responsible for developing our universe of plant-based dinners includes Anders Vald, Rasmus Kliim, Rasmus Grube, Nanna Elisabeth Vestergaard, and Thomas Parry, who between them have worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in Denmark and abroad, including The Fat Duck, Kong Hans Kælder, Geist, Alkimia, The Paul, Restaurant Sat Bains, and Radio. They were also previously responsible for product development for Løgismose and Claus Meyer, among others.

Organic ingredients, bio-based packaging, and approximately 10 minutes of preparation time at home are the DNA and unbending dogmas in our development process.

Simple Feast is B Corp™ certified

B Corp™ is an international certification standard that defines success on the basis of inclusive and sustainable economics. As a certified B Corp™ we meet the highest verified standards of transparency, responsibility, sustainability and performance – all with the aim of generating value for the business and for society as a whole. 

Read more about B Corp™ here.

About our ingredients and our suppliers

At Simple Feast we work closely with trusted partners who deliver fresh ingredients to our kitchens every day. After receiving these ingredients, we prepare them thoughtfully and send them to our customers in our meal boxes using sustainable packaging.

We select our suppliers and partners based on the quality of their organic, plant-based product range, always working with them to further improve the taste and sustainability of our products.

Suppliers of foods and packaging for our meals:

Dry goods


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