How to sort the packaging for recycling

Denmark has 98 different municipalities, and we always recommend that you contact your local municipality for information about correct sorting of waste – what is sorted as paper in one municipality might be sorted as cardboard in another. Our recommendations are based on the rules for waste sorting in the municipality of Copenhagen, as this is where the majority of our customers reside.

- The outer transport box is sorted as cardboard.

- The ice block cartons are sorted as plastic.

- The bands around the meal trays are sorted as paper.

- The trays are sorted as cardboard.

- The tray’s top and bottom film is sorted as waste.

- The small tubs with dressing, etc. are sorted as waste.

- The bags with vegetables, bread etc. are sorted as paper. - The isolation mat is sorted as paper.

We’re always working on improving our packaging, and should a better alternative present itself, we will not hesitate to use it instead.