What are the thoughts behind Simple Feast’s choice of packaging?

All our meals are delivered in FSC-approved cardboard boxes. Our cooling elements are frozen tap water, which can safely be drunk once defrosted.

The cardboard-like trays The cardboard-like material that Family Feast and Season Feast meals are packaged in is made from cellulose (wood fiber). The wood fiber originates exclusively from trees that have grown in European forests, thereby avoiding extensive carbon emissions from long-distance transport. The packaging is made from new wood fibers. Unlike recycled fibers, these fibers are guaranteed 100% free of residual chemicals and other toxins – substances that foods must never come into contact with. The materials used are also FSC-certified. The trays can be recycled as cardboard up to nine times in the Danish waste system.

The plastic-like trays and small tubs The plastic-like packaging used in our meal boxes is made from PLA (polylactic acid), which is a biodegradable material made from sustainable materials, such as the residual fibers from the production of corn, sugar, and potato products. PLA must be disposed of with other residual waste since it’s the only way waste/trash facilities in Denmark and Sweden can break it down. Only under very specific conditions can PLA be degraded in nature (temperature, humidity, closed environment, etc.), and it cannot be disposed of with plastic since it cannot be recycled in the same manner.

We’re always working on improving our packaging, and should a better alternative present itself, we will not hesitate to use it instead.