What is the difference for me when choosing the reuse box vs. the cardboard box?

The reuse box is a part of our goal to reduce our use of disposable packaging. The new box is both more sustainable and insulates better, so your food can stay fresh in the box. We have developed it with the idea that it should support your experience with our food. There are only a few things to keep in mind: - You must remember to place your box where the driver normally delivers the box, so we can pick it up at the next delivery. (E.g. in front of your door, in the garage etc.) When you get your meals in the reuse box on Sunday, the same box will be picked up by us at your next delivery. - Keep the box clean. It is common sense when your food arrives in it. - Keep the box dry. It will have a longer life if you do not expose it to rain and sleet. Besides that our delivery works as usual. Remember that you can, as always, manage your subscription in our app 'Simple Feast'. Here you can switch between meal boxes, skip a delivery or pause your subscription.