Season Feast

A world of taste

Explore the incredible diversity and flavors of plants.

Explore the World through Tastes

Seasonal (or Season) Feast offers a box of full-flavored vegetarian and vegan dinners for anyone who wants to eat sustainably.

Green is our Passion

This box contains inspired world dishes like banh mi with miso marinated mushrooms, dhal with naan and raita, and spring rolls with hoisin sauce.

Seasonal Feast is about exploring new flavors and combinations featuring in-season produce.

Menu for week 5

Spaghetti Cacciatore

served with Endive-Orange Salad with Walnut Sauce and Fresh Oregano

Root Vegetable Goulash

served with Mashed Potatoes, Pickled Gherkins and Garlic Sauce

Cauliflower-Grey Pea Biryani

served with Pan-Fried Pakoras, Pickled Mango, Raita Sauce and Coconut Flakes

What you get

  • 3 deliciously prepared plant-based, organic meals

  • Served in 10 minutes

  • No extra shopping required

  • Sustainable packaging made without plastics or Styrofoam(TM)