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Plant-based dinners

Prepare to feast on rich, flavorful meals that just so happen to be made of plants. The more plant-based meals we eat each week, the better for our bodies (especially the taste buds part) and our planet.

Chef-designed menus

Our superstar chefs bring their skills from some of the world’s best restaurants to craft our weekly menus. With their thoughtful approaches to every dinner, you’ll be able to introduce your family to global flavors and cuisines they’ll actually eat.

Locally sourced ingredients

The best tasting food starts by being the freshest. That’s why we work with local farmers to source organic ingredients that travel the shortest possible distance to your table. Farm to fork, faster. It’s a win-win for the planet and your palate.

plants have the power

Small, plant-powered acts of deliciousness at the dinner table can add up to big, lasting change for our planet. Join us as we lead the food world to its most sustainable future.

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