Simple Feast er blevet B Corp certificeret

Simple Feast earns B Corp™ certification

Now you might be thinking, what does that mean?

Fantastic! We’d love to explain.

B Corp™ is an international certification standard that defines success on the basis of inclusive and sustainable economics. Certified B Corps™ meet the highest verified standards of transparency, responsibility, sustainability and performance – all with the aim of generating value for the business and for society as a whole. 

It’s like Fair Trade certification, but for an entire company. It’s like the organic label, but not “just” for a carton of milk. It’s like LEED certification, but not “just” for a building. In other words, B Corp™ is the only certification standard based on a holistic assessment of a company’s total social and environmental performance.

Who’s behind B Corp™?

B Corp™ certification is issued by B Lab, an independent global non-profit organization. B Lab’s vision is to inspire companies to be the best for the world instead of the best in the world.

B Lab measures and assesses the impact of the daily activities of companies on employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society at large.

B Corp™ Danmark has pioneered the certification standard in Denmark – and the movement continues to grow globally. Presently, 3,243 companies from 71 countries have earned B Corp™ certification. 

What we are fighting for

Simple Feast works every day to make the world a better, greener, and more sustainable place. With our delicious, plant-based meal solutions, full of the season’s best organic ingredients, we strive to inspire others to embrace a more climate-friendly diet for themselves, their children, and the planet we all share. We believe that together we can slow down climate change and ensure the future for generations to come. That’s the purpose we’ve been fighting for since day one! And that’s why the B Corp™ certification means so much to us. It confirms that we’re on the right track. It reflects our continued commitment to doing the very best for people and the environment. We aren’t taking shortcuts because that is rarely the optimal solution. We are constantly searching for the most sustainable solutions in every aspect of our operations and products. We demand excellence of ourselves, our suppliers, and our business partners. Fighting for a better world for all of us is at the heart of everything we do!

We are proud to have made it this far. And for that, we thank all of our wonderful customers. You are helping to make this positive difference for society and for the planet. THANK YOU!

Jan 27, 2022